depend on the Lord VS do good things

Romans 8:6 says, “The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.”

There are three parts of the soul- the mind, emotion & the will. The mind as the thinking organ of the soul represents the self. What we think and consider always precedes what we do; therefore, our mind represents our self.

We must all be impressed with this clear picture: Satan is in us, Christ is in us, and the self stands in the middle. The enemy tempts us to do good by our own effort, and the usual response is, “I love the Lord and belong to the Lord; therefore, I want to do good to please Him.” This is the temptation. When we are independent and making up our mind to do good by our own strength, we are being tempted, and we will surely be defeated. We may be able to do good today, tomorrow, and possibly even for three days, but we certainly will not be able to keep it up for three and a half days. The lesson we need to learn is never to be independent and try to do things in our own strength, but always to depend on the Lord. Whenever we are tempted to do good by our own effort, we need to tell the enemy, “No, Satan! I cannot and will not go that way. I don’t know anything about doing good; I know only one thing—to depend on my Lord. I will not be drawn away from leaning on Him.”

We must see something about laws. We all know what a law is. If I pick up a book and throw it into the air, it will inevitably fall to the earth. This happens because of the law of gravity. But let me do something against this law, such as lifting a book with my hand and holding it in the air for two or three hours. I can sustain this for a while, but finally I will have to give up. Why? Because my own effort cannot stand against the law of gravity. Our personal effort cannot contradict the natural law. In the morning we may say to ourselves, “I need to be patient. I must not lose my temper. I must endure for a whole day.” Perhaps we can be patient for even two days, but on the third day we will lose our temper in a big way. Losing our temper is the result of the law of sin; not losing our the temper is the issue of our own effort. Being proud also is the result of a law operating within us. None of us has ever graduated from a “school of pride.” Nevertheless, even a little child knows how to be proud. Parents never teach their children to be proud. How then can they be proud? Pride comes from our nature, and this sinful nature is a law, the law of sin within us.

Let us go back to the illustration of holding a book in the air. If I see a table in front of me, it would be foolish for me to exert my effort to hold the book in the air. The table represents another law—the law of a solid support versus the law of gravity. I can lay the book on the table and shout Hallelujah. I can leave it there and be at peace. The book is perfectly safe on the table, because the law of a solid support overcomes the law of gravity. Who is the real support? It is Christ as the rock (2 Sam. 22:3; Matt. 16:18). And where is this Christ? He is in our spirit. Therefore, we can set our mind on the spirit and “leave the book on the table.” We can forget about our own effort. We should never make up our mind to do good. We should never say, “Before, I was cruel to my husband (or wife, or someone else); now, today, I determine to be kind.” We may be kind for a day or two, but we cannot last much longer than that. We should never try to make any resolutions. It does not work. Within us is Christ, the everlasting rock. He is in us as our “table,” as our rock. We should simply set our mind on Him all the time, leave ourselves on the rock, and go to sleep. This is the way of victory and release. When we set our mind on the spirit, we simply hand ourselves over to Christ. When we rely on Him, we simply say to Him, “Lord, here I am, hopeless and helpless. From now on I will never try to make up my mind to do anything. I give my mind to You. I set my mind on You.” By doing this, we hand ourselves over to the Lord. The Lord then has the ground and the opportunity to spread Himself through us and saturate us with Himself. How wonderful!

(Chapter 20, The Economy of God)

“Lord, I only depend on You. Cause me to set my mind only in the spirit. Cause me to live only in Your presence. Truly, self-effort is vain. You are the real Rock, my real Solid-support.”


Business Minded

Noong bata ako napaka business minded ko. At the age of 9 pa lang, pumapasok na ko sa kung ano anong business.

1st business: stationary. bibili ako ng tig 11 Pesos na stationary sa cheres at lilys. ang laman non, tatlong sobre at tatlong papel. eh may taste ako sa stationary, magaganda talaga nabibili ko. tapos patok na patok sa mga classmates ko, bibilhin nila sakin ng P25. tubong tubo!

2nd business: sago, gulaman at halo-halo. grade 5 ako nito, nagtinda ako sa terrace namin. bandang hapon paubos na tinda ko, pagkita ko sa pera ko, tubong tubo na ako. sakto nagdatingan ang mga pinsan ko. sabi ko sa sarili ko ‘etong natirang sago, mapainom na lang sa mga pinsan ko para matuwa sila.’ eh ang engot ko, sinala ko ung tubig ng sago, tapos nakapatong pala ung pansala sa arnibal. eh di nahaluan ng maduming tubig ung arnibal. nanghinayang ako kung itatapon ko. ginawa ko, pinainom ko parin sakanila. tuwang tuwa sila! at ang gaga ko, pati ako uminom. kinabukasan, agawan kami sa cr, ako, si regine, biboy at tatay ko. tapos lahat tubig ang ebs! haha si regine at biboy umabsent na, ako pumasok pa. ayon sumuka lang ako sa school at pinauwi na ko ni ate. tapos tumawag na mga pinsan ko, lahat daw sila nagtatae. un pala powerful ang sago ko! na-amoeba ang lahat! ung pinsan kong si brin, sa kalye pa inabot, di napigilan pag lingon ko nakaupo sa sulok ng kalye, ume-ebs! haha 8 yata ang amoeba victims ko. 😀

3rd business: bracelet beads. grade 5 din yata ako dito. lumabas ang pagka creative kahit hindi naman. more pakyaw ang kapitbahay, tapos pinirate pa ko ng kapitbahay din!

4th: teks. limang piso isang dangkal!

babu na ang dahu! 😀

We are nothing. He is everything!

We human beings are as a drop of water and specks of dust. We are nothing and even less than nothing, vanity, emptiness. When we know Christ in this way, we are qualified to wait on Him. He then gives us the eagles’ wings to mount up, so that we can run the course of the Christian life without fainting or becoming weary. This is the very Christ presented to us in Isaiah 40. (Morning Revival)

“Lord, You are all what we need. Cause us to feed others with You, so that they may realize that success, earthly pleasures, and anything apart from You is nothing, vanity and emptiness.”

Oh what a treasure we have in us!

God’s shining in our hearts brings into us a treasure. Though we are earthen vessels outwardly, but inwardly we have a priceless treasure! This treasure is Christ as the embodiment of the processed Triune God to be in us as the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit, and this treasure is the divine source of the supply for the Christian life.

God’s shining in our hearts results in the illumination of knowing the glory of God in the face of Christ, that is, in the enlightenment that causes us to know the glory of the gospel of Christ. As He shines on us, may we shine on others as well.

About the author

Hi! I’m Raizza Bascon, an amateur blogger, jobless, loveless, dreamless. I am nothing. For in Him, I have everything.

“Matthew 6:33, But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I’m not good in English, but I’m good in P.E. 😀 I am from the beautiful place of Santa Rosa City. Grew up playing on the street with my neighbors. I was a pro chinese garter player. When I was a kid, I really don’t like going to school. My mom always pinch my ears because I’m really lazy. Now, I am looking forward to finish my course, not for education, but for the Lord, so I could serve Him full-time.

Wanna know more of me? Watch out for more blogs. Hope you’ll like it. hihihi 🙂